Friday, 4 September 2015

Middle School Classroom Decor Revealed

Classroom Decor Revealed

I have been working so hard this past few weeks during summer. ( Ahem you are a teacher, you don't work in the summer.) I am excited to show you finally what it looks like. 

Lets remember before pictures:

I only had a few concerns from this view of the classroom. The computer table set up like that is creating a problem for students walking in front of the room. Also, just not my style to be sitting and facing the students. Teacher desk is tucked away in the back corner. My other issue is that there is a teacher desk. I gave up having a teacher desk about six years ago. That is conversation for another blog post. 

From this angle you can see some bigger issues. 

1. Look at that teacher desk. It is L shaped so it is monstrous. 
2. The background papers and borders are inconsistent and not really age appropriate. You can't tell from the picture but there are teddy bears on the top left bulletin board. 
3. Look at the math manipulative storage bins. Needs an update. 

Okay: Here she is!
The big reveal and I am so excited about it. 
From the back corner.

From the doorway
Math Manipulatives bins got an update. (most are empty-more manipulative needed). Kids can stand to work here as well. Perfect height for that. 

Class up the desk tops

This is my teacher area. No more desk! Just shelves and the counter. Perfect.

My guided reading/small group area.
Meet with the teacher.

This is the back wall. Counters are clear.
It is tiny so you can't really see but there are 30 clips on the wall. Enough for each student to hang what they choose to put on display.

Believe in Yourself Bulleting
Love your #Selfie
This is a first week activity that we will be doing together and adding a word to describe ourselves around the mirror. My word is going to be:

Reading nook
Middle School Library/ Reading Nook

My focus wall
Up close view of the soon to be anchor charts and our overall goals.

cooperative group space
Small group learning area

I think I have hit all my goals for my new classroom set up.


1. Small group learning area with out teacher (check)
2. Guided reading area for big kids (check)
3. Get rid of the enormous teacher desk (check)
4. Have a library/ cozy place to read (check)
5. Bulletin boards painted and boarders all are matching. Consistent to help with self-regulation. (check)
6. Bulletin boards are still empty waiting for students to leave their personality in the room. (check)


A friend of mine who is not a teacher this summer was surprised to find out that we as teachers are responsible for our own decorations. Here is the added costs that went into this room this summer out of my own pocket. Just for the room not anything regarding teaching.(yet)

1. Stools - 4 X $5.95
2. Paint- 1 gallon $40
3. Clips, staples, push pins, sticky tack, masking tape: $12
4. Spray paint: 2 cans of black and one can of white: $21
5. Mat in library: $10 giant tiger
6. zebra Chair: $34 (Walmart) 
7. Pong chair from Ikea (found on Kijii): $15
8. Camping Chairs: 2 for $12

Total: $167.80 (The sad thing is I am forgetting things.)

Would have been more money if I didn't have/find the following.

1. Frames were left over from my wedding.
2. Lamps were found on the side of the road from a neighbour who was moving and I spray painted them. Thanks Bob.
3. All the bulletin trim for around the room I had brought with me from my last school.
4. The hanging black and white decorations I had purchased in January.
5. The small table in the reading area was from our house. The last piece of my husband's university decor.
6. Mirror was also from my house.
7. The hanging mobile in the first picture (so tiny but there near the teacher's area) is a parting gift from my colleagues at my last school. A little bit of them with me at all times. 
8. Plant (which is sad looking and I hope to revive it) was left behind from the previous tenant of this classroom. Thank you for adding some fresh air to my room.

Wish list as the year moves forward:

1. Another Zebra chair.
2. A few more tiny plants for around the room. Bring in more nature.

Well, what do you think? Thoughts? I would love to hear them. 


  1. Looks amazing! You have clearly thought about the students! What a wonderful learning environment....lucky kids. Have a great start up!

    1. Thank you! I am sure there will be a blog post about that too😉

  2. well done on the students centered classroom transformation! Love how you got rid of the teacher desk that always takes space. Having a cozy place to read and different learning area will be very inviting. All the best this coming year.

  3. Maria! I love what you've done with the room!! I especially like where the students can personalize part of the room (and the Love your #selfie! Brilliant!). The black is effective and really cleans everything up. Your students are lucky to have such a great room and dedicated teacher! Best wishes for an amazing year! :)


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