Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Interactive notebook with Exponents Lesson


I have been hesitant to share my interactive notebook for some time now.  I have been doing this in the classroom for two years and I absolutely love it.  Today I am venturing into unknown waters. I am very hesitantly showing you how my math program works with interactive notebooks.

Exponents is usually the first lesson I teach in grade eight. I find the students master the concept quickly which makes them feel very positive for the start of a new math year.

I usually begin my lesson with a large group gathering where I will show the students a "cheesy" video.  I play it up sometimes dance to it and sing with it.  This gets the preteens laughing and rolling their eyes...and catching their attention.

For exponents the video that I use is this one:

After the video we will do a mini large group lesson.  I mean mini for time.  I aim for ten minute maximum.  Part of the lesson is building the interactive notebook together.

I know there are lots of foldables popping up out there in Internet land where there is already PRE-PRINTED information on the foldable.  I think they look lovely...but I think they take away from some of the learning.  I like the blank templates that I can photo copy on my own colour paper that I choose and the students write the information.

Here is a copy of one of my ideas for exponents:

Interactive notebook for Exponents
On the LEFT side of the page is the note that we did together.  The RIGHT side are two reflection questions and a chart that the students fill out independently.

Here are some up close images of what went in the foldables:

The little yellow pocket at the bottom is holding station cards that the students collect and use at a station activity.  Stations are a great way to get grade 8's up and moving. I sit at the station that requires a little more deeper thinking.  Here I can evaluate the students and see what they know and don't know.  I can also check their notebook at the same time to make sure they have all the notes they need from the lesson.  

Before students leave for the day I give them an exit card. The exit card has one question that summarises what the learning was for that day. This way I am not sitting through endless amounts of marking that night. 

One question=Beautiful.

I have compiled all the templates, reflection questions, stations and station cards all into a resource if you are interested. You can find it at the link below.  

I think my next step will be to use brighter coloured paper.  

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