Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Favourite Read Aloud

Favourite Read Aloud

Blog hopping today I came across this linky party:

It got me thinking....what is my favourite read aloud?  There are many.  I really try and base my choice for a read aloud on the students I have in the class. For example two years ago we read Hunger Games aloud to the class.  Last year I would not have read that to the class.

One book that I have read aloud in the past and students enjoyed is:

Skeleton Creek 

by: Patrick Carman
 I often start with the second book in the series, Ghost in the machine, as there are a few.  Reading the second book hooks the students to want to read the first and third book right away.  I love a book that connects to other books.  It sparks the interest to read independently and that is a YAHOO moment for teachers.

The series is a mystery based series that has codes at the end of certain chapters.  These codes are the keys for the online site.  The code is entered and a video with the characters speaking is available.  The students loved it!  The beauty of this is the students are very intrigued and it leads to some great media discussions at the same time.  The students could not get enough.
Interactive reading accessible to everyone.

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