Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Power of Words-Inspire your Students

The Power of Words

While I was feeding my addiction to Pinterest I came across a post that linked to the art work of Steve Rosenfield.  The Project is entitled "What I Be".  Looking at the images I was really moved.  Really moved.
What I Be Project by Steve Rosenfield
The art work displayed words written on the body and face of the subjects which revealed their biggest  insecurities. Some of them actually brought tears to my eyes.  How moving to see how someone sees themselves at their darkest.

This art work reminded me just how powerful words can be.  Especially the words we choose for ourselves.  In the image above the woman believes she is ugly.  How can that be?  I look at her and see such full lips and strength. I don't know this woman but looking at her picture I see someone strong ready to stand for what she believe in.  

Before winter break a student of mine wrote me a private letter.  In the letter she thanked me for putting up positive words around the classroom.  The big bulletin board that I don't change all year round is full of words and quotes that I had hoped would inspire them.  The idea was inspired from Pinterest of course.  The link to the original is here.  Here is a picture of my bulletin board.

I do have to get up on the ladder and fix the quote that is falling down.  

With these two ideas in my mind I thought.....Wouldn't it be great if students revealed some positive thoughts about themselves?  Instead of thinking of their insecurities...what about the parts of themselves that they were secure about? Seeing this might inspire them everyday!  If not everyday then in the moments that they might need it while staring around the room.

This inspired my Power of Words project. The object of the lesson is for students to think of positive words about themselves and display it in a photograph very similar to the art work of Steve Rosenfield.  They don't have to write on themselves if they don't want to. The student could show the word or words on a sign or in another creative display.  The students will send their photograph to me and I will print them off.  

I am excited about this lesson.  My other bulletin board that is in my class is very high as well so I only change it once a year.  Right now it looks like this:

My bulletin board will look different in the future as I plan to develop the picture of the students with their positive words and post them under their name.  How powerful to see that "you matter" with their name and a picture of their face with a strong quality that they believe about themselves.  I am excited about this project!

My package that I used for my students is available on teachers pay teachers if you would like to use it too.
The link for that is here.  I hope the students enjoy this idea as much as I do!
Media Literacy & Technology Project: The Power of Words

If you have any other creative ways that you plan to display the images, let me know. I would love to hear them.  

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