Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mobile Device Contract

Mobile Device Contract

Cell phones in the classroom?  
Mobile devices in the classroom?

I have so many ideas to be able to use devices.  There are endless possibilities.  However in my school there is not a lot of devices to be used.  We do have mini laptops but not every day and there are a couple of school ipads to share.  Note the "couple".

Meanwhile all of my students have their own devices.  They are sneaking them from the teachers as we have a no device policy in the school.  My idea was to have them use their own devices.

I am lucky to have a very supportive administrator who agreed that we should be able to use devices.Yet...what about theft.....texting in class to their in the bathroom..??? These are very real concerns to all teachers.

To help this we devised a contract to use in the classroom.  I sent it home in the middle of the year last year and again at the start of the term this year.  The contract outlines exactly what can and cannot be done with a mobile device in the classroom.  
Students were pumped!  
Fist pumps all around!
This is a freebie!  Enjoy!

Now devices are in the classroom and I have been able to use them for some of my media lessons.  
Now to start to ask am I using technology in the classroom that will effectively help my students in life not just to make "work".

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