Thursday, 25 September 2014

Collaboration Dream

Collaboration Dream

Collaboration a fun word for teachers. It is a Fancy Nancy way of saying working together.  
What is the  ideal collaboration between students-what would it look like?

Look like:

It would look like students sitting together huddled over a project together.
It would look like a student chatting/tweeting/blogging with another student from another school/city/country.
It would look like a student reaching out to an expert advice.
It would look like sharing.
It would look like equal work load.
It would look fair and respectful.
It would look interesting-sparks are flying.

Sound like:

Whispering, talking, clicking of key board, giggling and exclamations! 

Feel like:

Togetherness, despite the distance between the students.
Respect for each other, despite the differences in beliefs, cultures and communities.
Excitement for new ideas, ah-ha moments and discoveries.
Hands on with manipulatives, materials and technology.

What does your collaboration dream look like? 


  1. I love your ideas of what collaboration is and how open it is to the many things that can be happening during collaboration. I look forward to hearing about you class and their collaborations.

  2. Students learn best through collaboration, chatting and sharing. So great that you are promoting collaboration with your class.


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