Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 3 Blog Challenge:

Day 3: Blog Challenge

An observation area that I would like to improve on for my teacher evaluation is my assessment. 

I have used Evernote and had a file for each student. There I record all of my marks/assessment/notes. At times I feel like Evernote is not quiet the right fit. Perhaps it is the way I have it set up. I couldn't get the checklist right, I could see the students across a subject and I had a difficult time seeing when an assignment was missing.

This year I am hoping to use Google more to help me. I hope it is the right fit. I still am in the process of checking out what Google forums/drive/apps have to offer. I am hoping it is more accessible and easier to use. 

Do any of you have any suggestions? 


  1. Hi Maria,

    I considered using Evernote last year, but it didn't seem like the right fit for me either. It felt like "just one more thing" and didn't feel like it would necessarily save me time or make my job more efficient.

    I LOVE using Google to help with evaluation and assessment. My Day 3 post is similar to yours. I will be using a template Tiiu and I created to help with ongoing assessment. I'd love to hear if it's the kind of thing you're planning to use as well.


  2. I actually do love using Evernote, but it works well for many of the photograph and anecdotal comments that I keep on each student. In most cases, I like creating a notebook for each overall expectation and/or subject area instead of each student. I find it easier to organize, and when it comes to report cards, it's easier to access as I write comments for each subject. All of this being said, I think there's so much value in finding the tool that works best for you. I hope that Google is it. I'd love to hear more about how you use it.


  3. You should also check out Amy's recent blog about this who is also in our Comment Consortium.
    She is using a Google form which interests me.

  4. I've had Evernote for a while now and, like some of the commenters here, I never grew into it. I feel like I should because many people say it is helping them keep better student records. But, alas, I still gravitate towards hand written notes. But, maybe I should try Google to see if I can make my note taking more efficient.


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