Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 5: Pic of my Classroom

Picture of My Classroom

Today's challenge is a picture of your classroom. (Oh NO!) It is not my classroom right now. I can not get in there to take a current picture. I searched my past posts and only found a few pictures of my room....but my room doesn't look like that any more. 

Sadly, today there will be no picture of my room. I can tell you what I will change when I get back to the room.
Room to-do checklist:

I would like to have more plants. Bring more nature in the room.
I would like to add more comfortable seating for reading. 
I would like to add colour consistency- instead of different "cutsy" boarders everywhere

My pipe dream list:

I would like to eliminate more student desks and have more group seating available. 
I would like the tables to be skinny rectangles. The current desks the students have in my room are so big and so bulky. They take up so much room. This would give more room to move around.

(I am envious of primary classrooms in my building who seem to have more room to move just because their desks are smaller)

I would like my computers to work everyday in my classroom. The two that I have sometimes work. UGH. I feel like I am always calling in the Tech support to fix some problem or another.

I promise...picture will come...just when I am back in my room. I look forward to seeing what is in your room!

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