Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Silence is .... Golden?

Silence is.....Golden?

I haven't blogged in awhile. I finished the 30 day challenge and then silence. 


I am still here. I have been reading on twitter. I have been reading your blogs. Yet, nothing has triggered me to write. Perhaps it was the month of prompts that fuelled my thoughts and now no prompts. 

Wait. Don't get me wrong. 
I do have thoughts. I do have opinions. 

This afternoon I read Krissy Vensodale's Blog post. This quote really hit home with me:

"And when I stop sharing. There is usually a reason.  Those moments in our lives when we want to hide from the world? Whether your struggle is big, or your struggle is small, you can share that, too.  Because somewhere, there is someone that it will impact or who can help you.  Sharing and connecting make a difference for you, for me, and for us all. Not because it’s easy to share, but because we are all human."
This statement forced me to reflect. (Thank you Krissy). Am I struggling? Is that why I have been so quiet? I think this is a question that I will need to ponder on a little while longer. I think one major contributor is my littlest human in the house has figured out how to move. He crawls, pulls himself up and climbs everything. Although I am extremely proud of his new skills it shortens my free time. 

Stop the press! I had free time before?

I think it is important to remember to not get overwhelmed. It is hard for me as my readers know to let go of my passion. I find it difficult to separate teaching from my life as I find so much pleasure in it. See my post about that here. I think in these last two weeks I have been taking the time to connect to myself, my humans in the house and my knight in shinning armour.

I am still connected to you. In a quieter manner. I read your blogs, tweets and reflect. Perhaps this is my own way of connecting with myself without going anywhere or laying in a hammock. Although a relaxing fall evening in a hammock with a stemmed glass of fermented grape juice sounds amazing. I have been taking the time to treat myself once a day to a me moment. Today my "me" moment involved a cup of caramel expresso in my penguin winter mug. 

It is important to take time for ourselves in the middle of year and the middle of the day. I think that Anne SchaeferSalinas said it best in her blog post

"So during Connected Educator Month, I would make an argument for making sure that you are connecting with all the important stakeholders in your world, including(perhaps most importantly) yourself.  You will be glad you did."

Thanks Anne! I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree! Make sure to take time for you this month.


  1. Great post. It's so important to find balance, and to insert little quiet moments when we can. I haven't been able to do that lately - this weekend is the first I've had since school started where I haven't been travelling or hosting, and I find I'm just crashing, hoarding all the me-time to myself! Not a healthy approach :( Good for you for taking time to yourself - after reading your post, I'll double up my efforts to balance out my balancing moments *throughout* my week. That caramel espresso sounds divine!

  2. So true finding a balance and fitting all in is time consuming and stressful. I agree with you we are still connected online. My main balance is exercising and it does bother me when some weeks i have to put it off due to professional commitments. I think I will have more of the caramel espresso moments for myself.


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