Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today for so many things and I wanted to take the time to shout it out from the roof tops. I realised very quickly that it is just too darn cold to go out in that frigid weather and get my slippers all snowy.  Instead, I will share with you three of the reasons I am thankful this Thursday.

#1.Memoir surprise!

After working on memoirs in the classroom for about two weeks, some students are starting to hand in their final draft. My eyes filled up with tears when I started to read this piece written by one of my students. 

I am thankful that this student had the courage to write this. To thank me in such a real way. I honestly think I will frame this one. There are days as a teacher that I have doubted, wondered, felt my checks flush with frustration or know, deep in my heart that the lesson was a flop-It doesn't matter because I made an impact to one student.  I made an impact to one student. 
One student is worth it!

2.Cupcake loving staff!

We were asked by our admin on Tuesday to bake two dozen cupcakes for a special event for the students tomorrow. I know that there was a bit of resistance but I also know that tonight, every person (or spouse/significant other) will be baking cupcakes for this special event for our students. I am thankful that no matter what is asked of the staff I work with, they will do anything for students.  My cupcakes are currently cooling as we speak. (For the record, I had to make an extra dozen because I already ate three just to myself and the night is not over.) 

3.Returning Visitors

As a grade 8 teacher my students graduate on to high school. Students have always come back to visit me and I am thrilled when I see them standing at my doorway at the end of the day, with a school visitor sticker. It means so much that they take the time out of their teenage life to see me. 

This year I am up to 75% of my previous students who have returned to visit or have emailed me. A couple have even come by twice just to stay and chat awhile, show me their new high school tasks and ask about my life. 

I am thankful for the students who take the time out of their day to come and see me. It warms my teacher heart to hear of their new adventures, life and learning. It is even more amazing to me that they are still coming-midway through the year. 

What are your moments of thankfulness on this Thursday night?

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