Monday, 4 February 2013

Student Blogs

Read this quote this morning.

 "We can't just buy iPads(or any device), add water, and hope that strategy will usher schools to the leading edge of 21st century education."-Aran Levasseur

 How true is this quote.  This lead to my ah ha moment. Rearrange the classroom to include my AV cart and insert a desk for me to work from. This has changed the feel from large group to small group. The students are less distracted because I am sitting with them.

The projector is pointing to the wipe board.

Students who have their back to it physically turn.

 The runway gives me the option to visit each student from the other side.
 This is all of my students in their new small group/large group seating arrangement.

The whole set up really allows for the use of the technology.

This lead to another idea.
I had a genius idea!( Don't mind if I give myself pats on the back every once in a while)

Student BLOGS.
 Truthfully I have been thinking about it for a bit and was pushed into inspiration from another teacher blogger. Thanks Liz!     

I love it!

Today the students started to build their own blogs.  I am thinking of ways that I will use this in the classroom.  Literature circles will be one.  The students really took to it.  They have inserted videos, pictures and starting their first posts.

I decided to go with the after last weeks misuse of technology.  I figured that this way I can have the control to edit or delete posts on the student blogs if it is needed.

Today they had their first assignment to create an all about me page that was generic and safe.  No personal details that could connect directly to them.  They were to add one video and a picture of their choosing.

It was a very neat experience to be able to share with them the struggles that I go through when trying something new.  We used you tube as a tool to find and research some information instead of just for entertainment.  Who knew?

Overall a very positive experience.  I am really excited to see what they will be creating in the week to come.

Check out the links below.

What do you think?

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