Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Blog Buddies

Blog Buddies

I am super excited for something I stumbled across.  I was reading another blog where the author was discussing which platforms to use with the class for blogs. I am currently using Edublog with my students for their book blogs. 

The author then put the invitations out there to connect and partner up.  Her class could read our blogs and we would read her class's blogs.  

At that moment the skies opened up and music started playing!


That is perfect!  I sent her an email right away and luck would have it that her class is just the right age for my students.  I am so pumped about this.  I told my students the following day and they are excited.

It was so neat to see them go back on their blogs and look at their own writing from the view point of someone else.  The keys started clicking and away they went.

 I have challenged them to write a bit about their school and life in a way that is safe and with digital citizenship.  We will not connect to the other school until the first week of May but I am so thrilled!  My student's are thrilled! 

A purpose for writing that is safe and motivating.  

Thanks Lessons From The Middle!  I am excited to be working with you.
 Lessons From The Middle

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  1. We couldn't be more excited about this blogging adventure! The kids were working at their blogs again today. Most are working on a post that I'm having them do about stress(pulling in our Health outcomes) - what stresses them out; how they cope with stress. I asked them to make it something that others their age could relate to and learn from - we'll see! It's so hard to "approve" posts with mistakes in them - but I can only tell them to fix i so many times, right? Anyhow, the invitation is extended to other gr 7-9 teachers who have their classes blogging! Join the fun and let's give our kids a real purpose and audience for their writing! krystallynnm@hotmail.com

    Lessons From The Middle


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