Monday, 8 April 2013

Using Vs. Integration

Using Vs. Integration

I have not posted in a while as I have been toying with something in my mind. At a meeting with fellow colleagues we were challenged with the sites we are currently using in our classroom.  Perhaps the site we are using actually has the server outside of our country and now we have different laws that apply.

Ugh.  I felt discouraged.  I have been using sites in my classroom on a daily basis.  This felt so discouraging. It felt as though now I am being held back. I felt like the students so often must feel when we give them an assignment and limit which program we allow them to use.  How frustrating!

Perhaps that is just it. I don't like being limited.  I felt like I had hit a glass ceiling. You can do what you would like as long as such and such.

I am relatively new to the twitter world and I have started to follow other teachers.  Starting my own professional community online with other around the world. One of the tweets this week was this image:


I have seen the charts of Blooms using apps and I had been feeling so overwhelmed by the lack of resources for my students.  This chart felt like an ah-ha moment.  Yes!  I am using technology.

Currently we are using technology to:
1) Discover the Pythagorean theorem via videos
2) Take pictures using a variety of devices for our secret mission photos(more on that in another post)
3) Book blogs-students are independently blogging and sharing their blogs with family members.
4)Researching new words and building a vocabulary wheel with them to figure out the meaning.

I look at that list and I want to cheer!  Wait...I am going to give my student a little cheer!  Yahoo!  Look at all the ways technology is being integrated. The beauty of that list is that it was not just today, but everyday. 

I still have a long way to go.  Technology in the classroom is something that is not new and something that I am not afraid of.  I will learn how to meet the safety rules and regulations set out for me.
 (Maybe just excuse the sound of grinding teeth)

Has anyone else experienced this road block before?

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