Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Book Blog

Book Blog

Another new idea! 
We tried digital literature circles through blogging about a month ago with the students.  It was a success.

The new idea is for the students to blog about one book more critically through their blogs.  The students were able to choose a book from a collection of about six books. They all surround the theme of bullying.

The students were able to choose which book they wanted to read.  After that the students will be posting six posts about their book.  The post will include a summary,a prediction, a connection and three thought provoking questions.

To add to this the students will ask a parent or another adult they trust to read their blog posts and comment on it.  As an intermediate/middle school teacher I realise how parents always sometimes feel disconnected to what their children are learning in class.  This gives parents an insight into what their teen is reading and working on. 

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