Thursday, 2 May 2013

A little hope

I am feeling crazy busy this week. Just one look at my guided reading table and you will see the chaos that is all over. Ugh

Proof of my messy guided reading table
I was feeling so very blah. Then I looked over to the side of the table and I saw this tulip with the sun kissing it.  The tulip had been brought in by one of my students.  I have a classroom dominated by boys.
Exactly 75% of my room are males in grade eight so little gifts like that are so precious!  One of my grade eight boys had given me the tulip yesterday. He just left it on my table with out saying a word.  I saw him put it there and I quietly sniffed it and put it right into my mug which had water in it.  He beamed with pride.

The students had been working with clay in art class with another teacher.  With the left over clay the words HOPE were carved in by a student.  The little clay stone was given to me on the way out the door.  A little, "Here you go." while it was dropped into my hands.  I didn't even have a chance to say thank you in the moment as he was on his way home.   A another gift of a paperweight. 

It was in that brief moment, looking at the two gifts together, that I am reminded again.  Teachers do have expectations to teach curriculum, mark, assements, lead groups, coach sports, plan lessons.......

Above all though, is to make that connection with the student.  That connection is what will carry you through the darkest and craziest of days. 

 It is that connection that will give you HOPE.
 It will give them HOPE.
HOPE for a brighter future, afternoon, class or a moment.
Here is to HOPE!

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