Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Patterns from a Graph?

Creating a Pattern from a Graph

The students have mastered creating the graphical representation with the algebraic expression.  I was curious...can students create the pattern if they are presented with the graphical representation and no rule?

With a partner they were given a graph, colour tiles and the choice to work with a partner.  Some students worked together in discussion and built their own as well. 

This was a different way of thinking for some of the students.  This really showed if they understood the constant and multiplier. 

Following the group activity, the class shared the rule they had discovered.  After that I challenged the students to write a story about this rule.  I really wanted them to see the connection between the "word problems" and real life.

Of course there was a technology element!  I love to use tech in the classroom.  Here is the link to my educreation.  This is an app that I use on my ipad.

I love both the edcucreations and the show me apps.  I often provide students the link to view it again.  Sometimes I add my voice and sometimes I don't. This time I did not.  I use it in the classroom while I am teaching and the students can listen again later.

With a partner the students posted their stories on the white board.  We did a gallery walk and read all the stories.  The students verified if the story matched the pattern rule.  Following this the students put a sticky note on the problem that they liked and the reason why. 

This lesson went well.  I got a lot of those beautiful anecdotal notes that really showed me if the students understood the connection that a pattern can be demonstrated in various ways.

Do you have a preference between showme or educreations?  Or is there another tool that you use with your lessons?

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