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This is the first time in teaching that I have saved patterning for the end of the year.  I usually do it first term.  After talking to other teachers in high school, the comment was made that students in intermediate don't fully make the connections between patterning and algebra.  
Part of me wanted to agree.....but then part of me wanted to say....

Wait a minute!  We are asking kids to remember something that they were taught in grade eight in September for a whole year.  Sometimes longer if they have math second semester in their ninth grade year.  

So this year I decided to teach patterning later in the year.  I love it. It is an area that the students really feel they click with.  Also, I have been working at a slower pace. Really getting to the heart of patterning.  I am using a new book as well which I love!!!

Honestly check it out.  The students at first thought that it was a little slow. However they also have reflected and now find they do have a deeper understanding.    
Check out some of our anchor charts.

(note: I am not a fancy anchor chart person. These are as fancy as it gets)


pattern anchor chart

Here is a sample sticky note of a reflection.  Next step will be to build our interactive notebooks.

Sticky Note Reflection

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