Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Patterns and Linear Equations

Patterns and Linear Equations

I used to dread patterning. I mean dread the thought of it.  Can you even believe that?  To be honest I think because and this is really honest here....I didn't have a deep understanding myself.  How can I help students succeed if I don't fully grasp it.  

I have been using this amazing resources this year and last year.  

Amazing Resource!

Honestly I do not get paid to tell you about it! When there is a good resource out there you have got to share it with friends.  Well, friends this one is a must have.

The ideas in the book are so hands on and really dives into the understanding of patterns and how this relates to linear equations.  A huge "A-ha" for many students.  
I don't know about you but often times as we head into the middle school years it becomes more difficult to find resources that use hands on materials effectively.  

This one does just that!
Exit Sticky Note

Here is an anchor chart to reflect a bit of our learning this unit.
  Now I try for "pretty" anchor charts but when constructing with students I find it a difficult task.  I am so proud of their learning.

After building the connections between patterns and linear equations students were complete this wonderful project found over at 
Everybody is a Genius Blog. This is an excellent blog. Check it out.

Students loved this project. Most of the students drew or used stickers but the results were amazing.  Check out a few of the examples below here.

I am really proud of all the work the students have accomplished this unit.  I am so glad to find such a great tool to help deepen students understanding and my own.  

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