Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Things We Should Say

Things We Should Say

What advice would your students say when given the chance?

My own children showed me a video the other night.  It was Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often.

This video wowed me.  There are so many things we should say more often.  Then I got thinking that there are 20 things we could say about any number of topics.

What are the top 20 things you would say about graduation or the start of the school year?

Pick a topic in your class that you would like to have their thoughts on. For example, what would be the top 20 things your class would say to the next class entering  your grade.  
For my class the topic would be:

Top 26 Things That We Would Say To Future Grade Eights.  

Since I have 28 students in my class this year, the title changes so each student has a chance to say something.  The class assignment would be more effective if everyone is saying something different.  I developed a brainstorm page to help each student develop more than one idea. 

You can find that here if you would like a copy.  
20 Things We Should Say

Video record the students saying or holding a sign with their advice.  Voila a class collaboration of advice on the topic of choosing.  
I am looking forward to seeing what students have to "Say"! 

I would love to see your class video as well.  
Have fun creating.


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