Monday, 14 July 2014

Make a Change in 60 seconds

Make a CHANGE in 60 seconds

Watch this video:

When I saw this video this morning via one of my social feeds I really started thinking. What a great mini lesson for in the classroom.  Showing this video would be a great branch off to a great discussion with students.

Why do they think the people in the restaurant were less willing and the homeless man was willing?

This happened with pizza...would the effect be the same with something different?  Give an example of something that they feel would have the same effect and something that would not have the same effect.

I believe this could spark some great discussion with questions like above or similar.

Better could challenge them to create their own "Change in 60 seconds video" 

Sometimes it is the smallest gesture that can make the biggest difference to someone. 

Give your students a chance to show that they too matter with activity like this one!

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