Sunday, 27 July 2014

You Matter

#You Matter

I am a bit behind on the summer learning series as summer vacation has really gotten in the way. Too much camping maybe? Never.

Week eight's challenge was YOU MATTER. I love this week's challenge. I have been inspired by Angela Mayer's message and video before. In my classroom is a bulletin board that is up at the start of the year and does not come down until the end o the year. 

Part of this week's challenge was to compose a letter to your students before you even have met them. This is a little bit of an added challenge to me as I do already know my students coming my way. I make the effort to try and get to know the grade student before me, before they set foot in my classroom.  I know a bit of their history, struggles and their distractions.

  What I don't know is their passions, loves and what drives them. 
A letter to my students


Hello Future Student,

I have one question for you.

 Are you ready?

Are you ready for me as your teacher? 

I am excited to teach you.  Genuinely. I have heard about you. I have read your school record. I have seen you in the hallways or heard about you through your past teachers.  All of that does not tell me who you are.  This is why I am excited to teach you. I can't wait to hear about your interests, your passions and what makes you tick.

You see, I already believe in you. I believe that this year is your year!  It is your year to explore, discover, develop deeper passions and interests. I believe you matter. I believe you will make a difference in your own life, our class community and the school. I am excited for what you will do.

Are you ready to share?

I know that you have some ideas brewing in your mind, in your heart and in your soul. What are they? Are you ready to explore and share them with the class, your family, school and community? I already know that you have talents, a story and an inner genius waiting to be explored and shared with the world.

Are you ready to lead?

As the oldest students in the school, you have an impact to make. Younger students look up to you and will remember you. You have the possibility to be the leader on the school yard, sports teams, in the classroom and the hallways.  A leader can lead quietly with actions or loud and proud.  I know you have ideas for our school, our classroom and community that you can put into action. You have he possibility to make a difference and I believe you truly can.

Are you read to face yourself?

This year will be different! Can you feel it? I can. Like a caterpillar leaving the cocoon for the first time as a butterfly, you are emerging this year to a new you. Are you ready to meet the new you? As you enter school this year, you arrive with a crowd cheering you on, to be you to the fullest.

I believe in you and I am counting the days until we get a chance to work together.  I will push you to do your best. I will push you to explore new topics, concepts and skills. I don't give up easy and I will expect the same from you. I am am not here to school you, but to coach you, guide you and assist you in creating the you that you want to be. I already know that you matter and it is time this year for you to show the world that you matter too!

I am so pumped for this year!
Let's get started on something amazing. See you in _____ weeks and ______ days.
See you soon!
I really like this activity. I feel pumped for the new year and the new students just by reading it.  I think I am going to mail this to their house. How amazing to get snail mail before school starts.  I would have a few ready on hand just in case some don't get delivered over the summer.

If you would like a copy of my letter for fancy fonts, images or background it is available here:
Feel free to modify my words for your own or try your own letter.  

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