Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Selfie & Reflecting

Selfie and Reflecting

I am a bit behind on the #SummerLS challenge as I have been enjoying some much needed vacation time with the family.

I love the selfie challenge by @jenniferlagarde for week 4.  It was not so much the taking pictures of ourselves and sharing it...it was the thoughts that came with the "selfie".  

Why a selfie?  Teaching middle school students I know I have seen a lot of selfies.  Ducklips, kissy face, scarred face, peace signs and photobomb selfie. The list is endless.  

Jennifer made some really great points into "why the selfie".
It made me think...could I incorporate the selfie into my classroom teaching? Can it be done in a safe way?  

One idea I had was to create your own class hashtag and at the start of the year have your students take a selfie with a family member.  What a great way to get to know each other! 

Here is my selfie with the love of my life at the Canada Day Parade!  
P.S. He says that he was not "ready" for this selfie as he is not smiling but I like the reflection of the people sitting on the curb in his glasses.

The second part of that weeks challenge was given by @pernilleripp to reflect.  I do blog, so I am already reflecting. I agree with Pernille that reflection is so vital for teachers!  I think it is important to document your reflections as well.

My blog is a great spot for that. I will admit when I get excited to see comments on my blog or the stats of how many of you are reading my words, but the most important part of my blog is the reflection piece.  Writing helps me think.  Reading my thinking helps me think deeper about my thoughts and motivates me to develop the idea deeper. 

Ah-ha moment!  Wow....just had one right in the middle of reflecting on my reflecting!

Side thought: Have I ever asked students to reflect on their own reflections? Hmmm.....food for thought.  I know there is power in the reflection for me.....so there would be for them too.  

Wow. I truly love when a thought hits you like that.

Have you reflected on your reflection lately?


  1. I love your reflection, I am so glad you already blog, but I love your selfie idea even more; what a great way to get to know students!


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