Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day 10: Countdown

Day 10 Countdown

Five random facts about myself:

1. I enjoy taking a a good sniff of the fresh opened pencil box, chip bag and a library book.
2. I try and walk 2k a day.
3. I am usually bare foot. Who needs socks?
4. I have a sweet tooth: Cookies have a short life expectancy near me.
5. I binge on Pinterest. It is a cyclical relationship. I get bored then I am fascinated. 

Four things from my bucket list:

1. Travel to Europe
2. Learn to play an instrument well.
3. Attend a Broadway musical
4. I would like to see where my grandmother was born
5. I would like to get another tattoo that represent my three children. (undecided yet what that will be)

Three things that I hope for this year:

1. I hope to use more technology effectively.
2. I hope I make it through the first day of my son going to day care with out crying.
3. I hope to be able to feel at home in my current school. We have had a division change while I have not been in my classroom and I hope we connect.

Two things that have made me laugh or cry as an educator:

1. I laugh a lot. I seem to get the tween humour so being with the students every day results in some laughter.

2. I have cried over situations I have seen students in. I sometimes want to yell at parents, adopt children from my school and provide a better home.  LIFE is not fair and I see it time and time again. I like to believe that every parent loves their child. Their child is the most precious person in the world to them.  
That is not a reality for some. 
It is not all rainbow and sunshine for many students. 

One thing I wish more people knew about me:

I care more about you then you know or that I show at times.


  1. Do you manage to do your 2k of walking in bare feet!?

    1. I thought about trying it once...but I was wondering if the neighbours would wonder if I was losing my mind. Tee hee!

  2. It's great to hear more about you! I find the last line of your post very interesting. How do you think that others might realize more how much you care?


    1. I guess when I was writing that post I was thinking about my colleagues that I work with everyday. They all are such amazing people and I was I say it enough? Show it enough? Does that make sense?

  3. So true for you to laugh and care about the students and feeling life not being fair on it turns out sometimes. Your students must be fortunate to spend time with you and connect by laughing and appreciate your care.


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