Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sweet Spot

Blog Challenge: Day 11

What is my favourite part of the school day and why?

There is a sweet moment......right before the bell rings for the day.  You know the moment. 

You are all ready for the students to enter your classroom.
Your day is planned out and there is something exciting in it for the students.
The materials are all ready.
You are set.
Here we go!-Bell Rings!

That is my favourite part. It is such a small moment. The sweet spot moment of the day. It only occurs if I get to work early or stayed a little later the night before and made sure all my plans were layed out.

This sweet spot is such a fleeting moment but one that gives me the feeling that I can conquer whatever the day is going to throw my way. 

What is your sweet spot of the day?

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