Monday, 15 September 2014


I will take Ketchup with that

I need to "catch up" on my 30 blog challenge. Not apologizing for the late thoughts as that was a much needed weekend away with just my other half.

Day 13: Name the top edtech tools that you use on a consistent basis in the classroom, and rank them....

1) Educreations: I used this app a lot. I am a one iPad classroom (my own). I use it as a presentation tool, a document camera, video, slide show, etc. I use it every day for every lesson. (okay not every)

It makes it easier to see for all students in the classroom instead of me writing on the whiteboard. It helps build the connections. When reading the "Outsiders" for example I was able to have a the slides ready of the images that the students may not have connections too.

2)Google Drive: I hope to use it more this year!

3) Kidblog

Day 14: What is feedback for learning and how well do you give it to your students?

Feedback for learning is the ongoing feedback while the student is learning. I am a huge believer in small group learning and while sitting in those small groups you get the chance to give the feedback right the moment. 

Sometimes the feedback is oral and sometimes the feedback is written.

I also am a believer in one on one conferences. I have the students bring their agenda/cell phone and make a point to put it in their calendar with me.  The date is reserved. I try to meet with at least two students a day. The students enjoy it and hold me accountable.

Image Source: Business Pipeline

I have a binder(hoping to switch to digital) with the students name on a tab.
What I write in the binder the students see. We set goals together and write them down to help us both to remember. 

This gives the freedom for each student to feel their learning is important to me. Their goals are are visual and in our face.  We could be working on something completely different then everyone else. Some students can be a math skill and some a language. Their goals are written in their words and they give ideas how they can practise the skill they are working on. It is a collaborative process between the teacher and student. This time is respected by other students as the meeting time is a precious moment that they crave-even as teens.

Setting goals become a collaborative process between teacher and student.

How do you give feedback? What do you use as a teacher to keep track of the progress as well?


  1. Your binder idea for assessment intrigued me. How much time do you spend with each student? When do you do these conferences? While I usually do writing conferences with my students during our writing block, I tend to offer a lot of oral feedback and then quickly jot down a few notes on their paper. My students are in Grade 1 and most are just beginning to read. The oral feedback tends to work best for them, with an opportunity to go back shortly after receiving it, and add or change things based on the feedback.I take lots of photographs with notes for assessment, and then organize this information in Evernote. This seems to work best for me.

    Thanks for giving me lots to think about!

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    1. A good question. I set up rotations in my classroom. I have the students working on different things at the stations. Think daily five but the stations are not read to me. I found that a bit to primary for tweens and teens. I try and do stations in my math block and my literacy block. The teacher station is a rotation for some of the days to teach the concept in small group. Most of the week I reserve that time for "meeting time" with me. The rest of the students are working on various stations could be reading, writing, science lab, on the computer etc......I meet with the students in different places. Sometimes at their desk...sometimes I have the two students I am meeting sit at the moon table with me but I only focus on one student at a time while the other is quietly working on something waiting their turn. It really does change daily. This takes time to set the routines at the start of the year...but so worth it as the year continues.

  3. Hi Maria,

    I'm happy that you took some time off from thinking about teaching and the blogging challenge. You're right - nothing to apologize for!

    I was interested to read about your assessment for learning strategies. I like that you schedule meetings with your students and that they hold you accountable to the times. The more ownership the students have, the better.

    Do you use "Educreations" to flip your teaching? Do you create the videos before class or during class? Do you find that students refer back to them as they are working at home?

  4. I have used Educreations to flip my classroom. I have had trouble with students access the videos from home so I put a hold on flipping for now. I love the idea behind flipping the classroom but it posed a disadvantage to the "have nots" in my room. The videos are created both in class and some ahead of time. It depends on the lesson really. I post them to the class website either way for them to be accessed when needed (and if they can). Thanks Shauna for the great questions.


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