Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's a bird, it's a plane...it's Mrs. Verwey?

It's a bird....it's a plane...it's Mrs. Verwey?

Growing up reading the comic stashes laying around my house from my two brothers I found myself day dreaming of a super hero power for most of my childhood. The problem is that most of the lead females had super not fun powers!

Wonder Woman had the lasso of truth. Okay. Seriously? What fun is a lasso of truth? It could come in handy when you are on yard supervision and two students are bickering with each other. The lasso could help explore the truth of the situation. However, I have been around the block a few times and my interrogation skills with small children really leave the lasso unnecessary. I am also quite certain many parents would not want there child lassoed. 

Storm had an amazing power to control the weather. Love this! Imagine every track and field day is beautiful, Terry Fox runs are warm with a bit of crisp air, graduations have a gentle breeze and the rain on rainy days only occur during class time leaving students to go outside for a bit of the day. Yes, this could be beneficial to a teacher but not necessarily the most powerful of tools for a student.

The Phoenix/ Jean Grey was my absolute favourite as a child. Telepathic powers? What? She could tune into the mind she wanted to read. This would be such a handy tool for a teacher. Could you imagine the power to read minds? Not all the minds and when you choose? This would help us understand students and how they are learning. If you had a child with a learning disability or a learning obstacle you would get a chance to see how they are learning, how they are struggling and have the chance to creatively teach them. 

However....the Phoenix becomes consumed with the power. Would I? Would I loose touch with who I am? Would I loose the desire to help them so creatively because I could see into their minds? Truthfully do you want to see into the mind of a tween or teen anyway? Uh-NO!

The female superhero power that I would actually like to have is from Duplicate Girl. She is not as well known. She was created by the cowriter of Superman. Her ability was to Duplicate herself into three in the original writing. Later as her story line progresses she can duplicate into multiple copies of her self.  

Uh...Yes PLEASE! Could you imagine that?

One of you could be outside on duty, one could be running the quick errands around the school, another on the phone with a parent, another typing report card comments and another actually eating your snack at break! That is just break time super power use!

In the classroom you could be with multiple students and groups. Another one of you could be stapling student work to the wall. Another one of you could be completing paper work (I.E.P, ALP, PLC etc).  

Duplicate Girls is the one I would like to Duplicate if I had a superhero power in the classroom. 


  1. I love this post! So fabulously nerdy! Well done!

    I wonder if Storm were a teacher if she would make a lot of snow days?

    Duplicate Girl is a great choice!

    1. I was worried about an abuse of power like the pheonix with reading minds....I never thought about it with snow days. I think the answer to that question is a definite yes!

  2. Like Shauna, I totally love this post! I think that you chose a great superhero. I wonder what students would think of this superhero for a teacher ...


    1. This could be a great writing prompt for students! If my teacher had a superpower......it would probably be hilarious!


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