Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Challenge in Education?

Challenge in Education?

Wait? You mean there are issues in education?  

I get summers off.

I get winter and spring break.

I have my evenings and weekends free and clear.

I have a room of twenty something students just sitting there, doe eyed ready to learn.  

All of my students have full tummies, warm homes and loving families.

All of my parents respond to letters and hold their children accountable.

Paperwork is nothing. 10 I.E.Ps in a classroom is really just what I was looking for.

All school budgets are fair and equal giving my students access to all the same resources and opportunities across our board and across our province.

My classroom is just bursting with resources and devices that are updated and intriguing to students.

My building has been renovated and is not older then a dinosaur. Air conditioning for student learning? Absolutely!

Standardized tests are the best way to evaluate how students are achieving and in no way do they impact teaching to a "test"

There are no wait lists for mental health, physical therapy, occasional therapy, counselling etc. Every student gets what they need just when they need it.

All of our teachers are appreciated for the extra curriculars that they voluntarily do. It is never expected of them from the community.

Pencils and pens never disappear in my room.

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Disclaimer: I really do have the best job in the world even with the issues. Ask me to pick the biggest one? That is tough because any issue impacting a student and student learning is a BIG issue to me!


  1. Student learning is the most important, but the stress of the paperwork, pressure on budgets, and overall student health does interfere. I just wish people with opinions on the outside would join us for a day to really see the BIG isues!

  2. Yes! I love this post. This is such a tough question and I'm using your as inspiration.

  3. I love the slant of this post. There are so many reasons to feel discouraged as an educator, but the best, like you, find ways to look past them and push on.

  4. Thank you Sandy! Those are kind words.

  5. Love your post and so true we have to always be appreciative especially having to learn with the students and enjoy learning.

  6. The tone of this post reminds me of the start of Taylor Mali's poem, "What Teachers Make". I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek writing.


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