Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Teacher is the Captain of her own Ship

A Teacher is the Captain of her own Ship

Come aboard this vessel called the "Ol' Class". This sea worthy vessel may have been built some fifty or so years ago, but it still sea worthy.  Aboard you will find the captain: Teacher.

Captain Teacher sure has a difficult job. 

The captain must maintain:

1. That the vessel is safe and seaworthy.  The captain must investigate any damage done and personal injuries to the crew.This may included getting ice in a ziploc baggie for any crew member.

2. The captain is responsible for the crew members. The allocation of work and living quarters. On this particular vessel the quarters have a quaint name of "desk".

3. The captain must navigate the "Ol' Class" using maps(curriculum) that have been so generously provided by our province.

4. The captain must monitor the progress of the ship: observing speed, pressure, water depths etc. If there is a difficulty with anything on the ship, the captain can signal for help from the LRT COAST Guard or by other passing ships managed by other captain teachers.

5. The captain must also monitor the crew themselves in their daily tasks: monitoring the performance of each and individual member.

6. The captain must be brave to handle the stormy weather.  Such storms could include:

The Parental Hurricane
The Administrators Waves
The Political Squall
The Mental Health Typhoon
The Tempest of Paper work

7. The captain Teacher will feel sea sick from time to time and even in the illness, she is responsible for the ship.

8. The crew members look to the captain for daily advice and guidance.

To be a Teacher Captain is truly a remarkable experience. At the end of your ten month journey, weathering the storms, venturing into unknown waters and managing the "Ol' Class", you will experience a short break on land. 

At the end of your land time you will be eager to get back your sea legs as Sir Francis Drake said:

"It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better."
— Sir Francis Drake, Sea Captain

I hope you enjoy your voyage this year to all my fellow teacher captains.

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  1. Captain Maria,

    I think you should share this post with the Teach Like a Pirate crew on twitter! #tlap would love your captain analogy!


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