Monday, 22 September 2014



I have a PLC in my school community. The Professional Learning Community changes each year depending on our school growth plan. We have been grouped with same grade or same goal for the year.  

I have learned. 
I have tried new things. 
I have grown.

My PLN is different.  My personal learning network is one that I am building on my own. I use twitter.  It took me a while to get connected with twitter but I have used it to build my PLN. It is vital and has formed connections that motivate me everyday.
(Shameless plug: Follow me to build your PLN @MariaVerwey1)

What is a PLN?

To me a personal learning network is a networked group of people who choose to connect to learn from each other. Connecting, challenging, questioning, inspiring, motivating and learning together.  Any day at anytime. Bonus: It's FREE.

personal learning network

How is my PLN different? 

Pushes Like Never before

Before I had my PLN, sometimes I walked away from a conversation, pd or PLC meeting with the feeling like it was a waste of my time. (Please take no offence to anyone I have shared these magical times with). 

My PLN always pushes me to think deeper, more critically and more creatively then before. This year I have reflected and thought about various subjects such as inquiry (thanks @avivaloca), classroom set up (thanks @classcollect), bringing in your own passion and motivation (blue sky thinking) into the classroom (@misspollock), attempt to blog and reflect everyday(thanks @teachthought and #comcon) and many more!

Do you have a PLN that pushes you every day?

How do you connect with your PLN?


  1. I have a PLN that I activate, if you will, through Twitter chats mostly. I haven't been too successful at doing this through a Tweet requesting help or guidance. Maybe I'm not doing it right? Not sure. In any case, Twitter chats energize me like nothing else. I connect with new people and I learn a ton! I love my PLN!

  2. I agree with you! Twitter chats really do energize me too!

  3. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the shout out! I'm really happy about #comcon, as it's given me a chance to really engage with other educators, see what their day to day practice is like and reflect with them, celebrating, questioning and developing my own thinking.

    Love that you re-acronymed PLN.


  4. I've never tweeted out for help before either. I think that's where blogging comes in handy and then tweeting out what you're looking for with a link to your post.


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