Saturday, 30 January 2016

Integers, Integers and More Integers!


This week we have been working on integers. In my experience, this is a difficult for some students to understand. I take my time with practising it, reviewing in and building deeper thinking with it. 

Here are some anchor charts
order of operations and integers
Order of Operations and Integers

Multiplying Integers
Multiplying Integers

This lead us to this week's lesson. Which was a "showing what you know" lesson. This turned out amazing! 

Just look at them hard at work here. 
Integer practice
Differentiated Integer Practise

All of this thinking was amazing!

Students working in partners, on white boards, on phones, iPods, chrome books, pencil and paper and finally desktops.

This ended up reaching all learners as the students could choose friendly numbers that they feel comfortable with and still show their thinking. 

Here is a copy of the "Special Integer" task if you would like it for your own classroom. I will post some finished work to see what they created!

order of operations
My Special Integer: Free Download!
Click on the Picture or the link above.

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