Tuesday, 5 January 2016

One Word for the Year

A New Year is a New Word

I have been thinking. 

I have been reflecting. 

I have been pondering about my 

It has taken five days to finally develop a word that I think sums up my goal for the year of 2016. 


What do I want to reclaim? 

1. I want to reclaim my time. I feel as though I have gained a better home, work and life balance but there are many days I find myself asking, "Where did the time go today?". 

2. I want to reclaim moments with my students. I want to be more mindful of the moment that is occurring right at the moment it is happening. To often I have let my mind wander to next period, next lesson, next step for the student and next....next....next.....
 Be present.

3. I want to reclaim my blog. I feel like the past few months I haven't blogged or my purpose has been unclear. I want to reclaim the purpose. I want to reclaim the mission. 

4. I want to reclaim "sharing". I feel as though I have not shared via Twitter, blog or resources with my teaching parter (or my readers of this blog) as much as I would like. 

What is your #OneWord2016?

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