Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Goals

Summer Goals

I was inspired yesterday by @ClassCollect because she wrote out her summer goals.  She listed them.  Most importantly she...OWNED them. 
How many times during June we think....over the summer I will.....then proceed to list off a few things that we want to do.  Then August comes and for some reason....some all of the things we had hoped to do during the summer didn't get finished.  

I think @ClassCollect is on to something.  OWN your goals!  Put them out there for others to see.  Perhaps then one or better yet all of them will get done!

I hope to GROW this summer.  Here are the ways I plan to grow professionally/personally over these beautiful weeks.

I plan to go camping and spend some quality time with my family. Nashville here we come!
I plan to read "Drive" by Daniel Pink  and join in my first ever book chat via Twitter #ccsbc14
My math program. I feel like my grade 8 math program that I run in my classroom is improving year by year...however a little disorganised between two binders.  I would like it organized by strand/activities/questions/PBL etc.
I wonder about my PLN. (Professional Learning Network) There are so many people out there that are amazing to follow via twitter. I wonder how to help it grow. I wonder about fostering these relationships developed in "space".  

What about you?  How do you plan to GROW this summer? 
 Here is a blank template if you would like to fill it out.

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